Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Okay, so better late than never with this one - my new year's resolutions! Or shall we call them goals? Or something else less intimidating in case I don't achieve them? Eep! Let's just say these are a few thoughts of what I hope 2017 will bring.

1. Now I'm starting to settle in at my new job I'm so keen to get stuck in and learn as much as I can this year. I'm not going to be too hard on myself because I've started in a field where I don't really have any experience, so I can't expect to click my fingers and know everything. BUT as long as I'm doing it-putting-my-back-into-it and enjoying myself then everything else will be okay!

2. EXPLORE. Of course. Is there anything better, really? Mine and Nick's trip to Goa in November was absolutely incredible. I might not have as much money to play around with this year by any means but I hope I can still make plans to travel.

3. Start steadily savin' some dolla dolla billz. I've set up a standing order into my savings account of a small amount each month, I have no excuse of why I would need to use that money on anything else - sorry, what ASOS sale? If I want a cat in hell's chance of affording the houses I lust after on bloody Right Move then I best get my hand in my pockets.

I'm going to leave it here I think. I know this isn't a very comprehensive guide to 2017 but I'm not Wonder Woman so I think 3 new year's resolutions is okay, right?

Alice x

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