Friday, 27 January 2017

PANTONE x Airbnb: The 'Outside In' House

In celebration of the PANTONE Colour of the Year 2017, Airbnb have teamed up to transform this London house into a magical world of greenery. The 'Outside In' house is open for people across the globe to stay in just like any other Airbnb, except this experience is far from ordinary. What makes this even more amazing is my boyfriend's sister Gemma worked so hard on this project to bring the place to life - what a don she is! Based in Clerkenwell, the heart of London's design community, this beautiful space is not one to be missed. Get your butts there, guys!

PANTONE describe Greenery as their colour of new beginnings - a fresh and zesty yellow-green that evokes the first days of spring and invites us to take a deep breath, oxygenate and invigorate. By teaming up with Airbnb, PANTONE have truly immersed themselves in giving us the outdoors with all the added comforts of home. Just look at this dining room, house goals or WHAT? *mental note to go to Ikea and buy all of the plants*

Included in your stay at this tropical paradise:
  • A Groundskeeper to greet you on arrival
  • The indoor greenhouse above doubles up as a dining room
  • A tented nook perfect for children adults
  • Herb garden guests are welcome to pick from
  • Bathe in the tropical lagoon or Rainforest room
  • Locally made tea, bread, granola and juices for breakfast

I think I may have fallen slightly in love with the place. What a fantastic way to celebrate colour and bring it to life - hats off to you PANTONE and Airbnb. And a big shout out to Gemma Stansfield for being a wonder woman as always. The house costs £200 per night, 1 night minimum stay and you can check out the listing on Airbnb here

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Interior Inspo #1

via nook

 via sf girl by bay #1#2

A little bit of Sunday inspiration, I can't get enough of Scandinavian boho at the minute and not sure I ever will!? It might have something to do with receiving two amazing little books about hygge this Christmas. Scandi style + bohemian cosiness = all the hygge feels. My next task is to get some long overdue shelves up in my bedroom so I can start stacking bits and bobs, my books desperately need somewhere to live as they're taking up half the flippin' window sill. If anybody knows of any good flea markets around Manchester that would be amazing and please hit a gurl up with any recommendations as my bargain trinkets are lacking and Home Sense just ain't cutting it.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Okay, so better late than never with this one - my new year's resolutions! Or shall we call them goals? Or something else less intimidating in case I don't achieve them? Eep! Let's just say these are a few thoughts of what I hope 2017 will bring.

1. Now I'm starting to settle in at my new job I'm so keen to get stuck in and learn as much as I can this year. I'm not going to be too hard on myself because I've started in a field where I don't really have any experience, so I can't expect to click my fingers and know everything. BUT as long as I'm doing it-putting-my-back-into-it and enjoying myself then everything else will be okay!

2. EXPLORE. Of course. Is there anything better, really? Mine and Nick's trip to Goa in November was absolutely incredible. I might not have as much money to play around with this year by any means but I hope I can still make plans to travel.

3. Start steadily savin' some dolla dolla billz. I've set up a standing order into my savings account of a small amount each month, I have no excuse of why I would need to use that money on anything else - sorry, what ASOS sale? If I want a cat in hell's chance of affording the houses I lust after on bloody Right Move then I best get my hand in my pockets.

I'm going to leave it here I think. I know this isn't a very comprehensive guide to 2017 but I'm not Wonder Woman so I think 3 new year's resolutions is okay, right?

Alice x